Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sean's 3rd Birthday Party

This year we decided to have Sean's birthday at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. There you can ride two types of trains, see several train layouts in various gauges and the children can play on or at different playgrounds. We road the larger train a couple of times and the smaller one once. Here are some pictures of the trains and of Sean on the train.

Sean jumped into a train train train I want trains. So we have been helping or making it worst by buying him trains mainly Thomas The Tank Engine. We got him a Thomas cake and more Thomas stuff.

When it was time for singing happy birthday Sean was not going to have it. For some reason he cries when everyone sings happy birthday, but he does not cry every time just when a group sings it. Here is a picture of him before we sing and during.

We had a good turn out for family showing up one sister of course thinks she is better than us and would not show up no matter what. My sister Barbara came, but spent most of her time taking pictures of my nephew Daniel and smothering him like she was his mother. Other than that it was a great birthday party and everyone enjoyed it.

My mother was not able to make it because of a personal reason, but would have if she could.

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