Monday, January 21, 2008

Sean's First Birthday Party

On January 20, 2008, Jamie and I was able to get most of the Guildig clan and all of the Sanders clan together for Sean first birthday party. We held it at Mckellip's lake park off of Hayden rd. and Mckellip rd. here are some of the pictures taken that day. We were going to do some fishing while we were there but of course the city or whoever in charge decided that time the lake will be drained for repairs.

Here are some of the lake pictures.

Yes, that is a golf cart sitting there in the mud.

My niece and nephew on Jamie's side of the family having fun throwing worms in the mud.

Sean had a blast walking around the Ramada followed by his Aunt Amanda.

My In-laws decided that it was easier to have Chris's and my birthday at the same time as Sean's since they were all in the same month.

Sean had his own cake just for him.

But, first we let him open present.

Then we let him have full contact with the cake and these are some of the pictures

After about five or so minutes Sean did not want anymore cake and was not happy until mommy had cake on her also.

All in all it was fun and entertaining.