Monday, January 26, 2009

Sean's 2nd Birthday

On January 25, 2009 Jamie and I along with my in-laws threw Sean his 2nd birthday party. We held it at Mckellip lake park it was the same place we had his 1st birthday party. We let him run around and play. Robert, Chris, Amanda, And Kathi let Sean go up to the edge of the water (Indian Bend Wash). Here are some of the pictures Chris and I took during the party.

Before Sean went to play by the lake shore we had lunch and here is Sean eating first.

When Sean went to the lake to play he started to throw rocks in the water and smack the water with a stick. Then out of nowhere he went in to the water to get a pine cone and here are those pictures.

After we decided that Sean had played in the water long enough I had to change him. I was so glad that I did bring a complete change of clothes for him, so we could continue with the party. Since Sean is crazy about Disney Cars (movie) we got him a cake that was decorated in Disney Cars decals. We had Sean open his present first since everyone was still full from eating lunch.

When we cut the cake to eat it, it had pieces of plastic string randomly through it. We still ate most of it, I called Fry's up and told them what we found in it and they told us bring it back with receipt to refund us. Even after I told them that we ate 2/3 of the cake, they still refunded us our money. Jamie was a little upset that we did not sing him the Happy Birthday song so I picked up a small cake so Jamie, Eric, and I could sing it to him to make her happy. Here is the picture of that moment.

Since Sean's grandpa Bob could not come for several reasons he sent Sean $50.00 and today this is what we bought for him with the money. There was more stuff we got him with the money he received from other family members, but the other stuff was not big enough to blog it. Yes most of it is Disney Cars decorated. With the gift card our sister Barbara gave him we bought a baby potty.

Over all he had a very busy day on his birthday and he crashed on the way home.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Trip Up North

Today my brothers and I went up north to the Payson, AZ area to take pictures of the snow and other stuff.

At one of the many stops I decided to video record Chris walking through the snow and here is what I recorded. Robert and I added the sound track Baby Elephant Walk to it and put it on Youtube. I think it would get great laughs on Youtube.

Here are some of my pictures that I took up north, I took them for fun.