Friday, August 29, 2008

Worst Storm of 2008 To Date For Phoenix

Last night as most of the valley knows a nasty storm landed in Central Phoenix. My neighborhood was hit quite hard. The power went out around 9pm or so knocking down some trees, here are some pictures of the down trees. The time on the pictures are of when they were taken not right after it happened.

Later that night a bigger storm landed and took out even more trees. No one was safe not even birds, which were hit so hard with rain that they could not fly anywhere. These are some of the pictures taken of the down tree just in front of our apartment. complex.

Some of the apartments down the way from us were damaged, this is one picture of the more heavier damaged apartments.

That morning on the way to work I took a few pictures of two of the trees that fell last night. Yes that is our apartment. building but thank god it did no damage to our building. The end picture is of one of the entrances to the apartments that was blocked by a tree.

The power did not come back on until around maybe 6pm or so. I am glad that the power came back on so we do not have to sweat our asses off again this night. Now I have 50 pounds of dry ice to play with. If you want to see more of other neighborhoods damaged by the storm, check out my brother's blog Men Hardly Working.