Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sean's first time roaming free

Today we let Sean run amok around the living room in the buff. So I decided to video record him to catch anything he does while in the buff and this video is what came of the experience.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Trip to the Renaissance Festival 2008

After two year Jamie, Eric, Sean and I were able to make it to the Renaissance Festival out in Gold Canyon, AZ area. We decided not to spend all our money there this time. We just paid for food and drinks. We had the turkey leg, the steak on a stake, the chicken on a stake with Pepsi and Dr. Pepper and Eric had ribs with Guinness Beer. One of the attractions I like to see is the Vegetable Justice booth, because you get to see Jeremy the owner of Vegetable Justice insult people left and right. to get back at him and his co-workers you pay a small price to throw tomatoes at them. Here are some of the pictures of Jeremy making fun of a kid. The kid was laughing so hard he had a hard time throwing the tomatoes.

While walking around we Happened across a Jack Sparrow look alike.

On the way out Jamie and I stopped at a shop that was selling Magic wands. Here is a Link to the Whirlwood magical wands web site. We both purchased a wand from the shop.

Near the exit was a beautiful young lady By the name of Lady Merilee Effingham Just standing around looking pretty and letting people take picture of her and with her. Here are some of my pictures of her with Eric and I.

For those that would like to know more about her here is the link to her myspace.

Behind her was a little Fairy(not that kind of fairy), she does not speak but she can still get your attention either with her looks or by playing her flute. She is also in the commercials for the Renaissance Festival. Eric had to have his picture with her every time we see her and here are those pictures.

Outside the on the ground was a man I would assume acting like the Village Idiot. Every time someone threw a quarter or a dollar in to his pan he would hit himself in the head with a pan. Here are some pictures and a video of him.